Alan Bishop

Graduate at the Devon school of Shiatsu

VTCT in Reflexology (Bridgend college, South Wales)

Reiki master

How complementary therapies can help you:

Complementary medicine is an an increasingly popular form of health care in the western world.  Its purpose is to to treat the whole person, rather than a symptom, on the grounds that a symptom such as pain or a skin rash is usually the sign of an internal problem.  Eliminating the sympton without solving the problem is like trying to cure measles by painting over the spots.


Complementary therapies have a real role to play alongside orthodox medicine, especially for treatments of long standing conditions that don't readily respond to conventional treatments, such as back and neck pain, nausea, stress, anxiety and depression.


Complementary medicine is used by people of all ages and for a wide range of complaints.  Traditionally, women have been the most common users, but men are catching up and children are often seen by complementary medicine practioners too.




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