Reflexology is a drug free, hands on therapy suitable for for easing both long term conditions and sudden crises, and is suitable as a supporting, complementary back up to orthodox  medical treatment.  Reflexology enhances circulation and the nerve supply to all organs, so there is a balancing effect, or restoration of  'homeostasis', the body's equilibrium.


Reflexologists consider that all parts of the body are connected by subtle energy, which flows down the body from the head to the feet through 10 zones (sometimes called channels or vessels).  When there is illness or discomfort the channels become blocked and the flow of energy is disturbed.  Working on the feet and /or hands unblocks the channels, allows energy to flow and restores the balance.  All of which relaxes the body, enhances the circulation and relieves the uncomfortable symptoms.


Relief can be almost immediate, but long standing conditions may take some time to heal, since the healing begins on a deep level.  Reflexologists believe the body heals itself from the inside to the outside.  If symptoms have been suppressed by medical treatment they may return briefly in the order in which they were suppressed.  This could be why symptoms become worse for a while after the first few treatments.

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